October 3, 2023
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Q. All my works are sold through other publishers. I don't think this site would work for my needs because I would not sell my works with your shopping cart.
A. On the contrary. One of the main tools artofcomposition offers is a way of cataloging your works. You don't have to sell your works through the site. You can create a searchable catalogue of your repertoire then create links redirecting the user to your publisher. It's just another means of driving traffic to buy your works.
Q. I like the site but don't want to have a url with artofcomposition in it. I want to have my own unique URL.
A. The is called a vanity URL. Even though site through artofcomposition are created extensions you can easily create a masked URL. Basically your vanity URL would mask the artorcomposition URL thus allowing you to have a unique URL. We have a video tutorial that will walk you through the steps of how to do this.
Q. Can you customize a design for my site using supplied images or ideas.
A. Yes! Just contact us, tell us what you want and for a minimal fee we can customize your very own design.