August 26, 2019
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Jenna Wright
Jenna Wright (b. 1993) is a student in the Bachelor of Arts program in Composition with a minor in Radio/TV/Film at the University of Texas at Austin. She composes both works for film and performance, and she is a percussionist, a pianist, and a jazz vocalist.

Wright is in the process of completing her fifth film score of 2014. She was proud to have one of her films showcased at the San Antonio Film Festival in August, 2014, and to have another broadcasted nationally on ESPN's Longhorn Network sometime in early 2015. She has worked with filmmakers primarily in the Austin, Texas area – both professional and student – and has recently worked with filmmakers in Savannah, Georgia.

She has written for the UT Wind Ensemble, the UT Percussion Group,numerous chamber groups, the UT Drumline, and several works for high schools across Texas. She has played piano for sixteen years and has studied percussion for ten, having the privilege of studying under teachers such as Japanese marimbist Akie Takada, Dr. Thomas Burritt, and Tony Edwards. To name a few major accomplishments, she has performed with the New York-based SoPercussion group, at the UT Percussion Group's PASIC percussion convention Showcase Concert,at the Round Top percussion festival, in England with a wind ensemble, and has performed with all the large ensembles at UT.

Wright also enjoys working directly with the ensembles she writes for by directing, conducting, performing, and recording. Teaching percussion is one of her passions, having been a private lesson instructor for four years, and teaching drumlines both in Dallas and Waco. Her percussion experience strongly affects her writing style as she primarily writes for percussion and chamber ensembles; however, she likes to keep a percussive style– her own “flavor” – no matter which ensemble she writes for. She is also strongly affected by her Greek heritage and her ever-supportive family.

Wright is currently in the midst of applying to graduate schools for a master's degree in Music Composition, and a Master of Business Administration degree. Her long-term goals would be to become a full-time film composer, teach composition at the collegiate level, and broaden her portfolio of performance works, writing for all kinds of ensembles such as orchestras, chamber groups, choirs, electroacoustic music, and, of course, percussion ensembles.